Thursday, July 7, 2022
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Being a Muslim in Contemporary India

The seeds of hatred against Muslims are giving enough fruit in the contemporary times, when an ordinary Muslim citizen is hated, stereotyped and rebuked in all spheres of life. In an ambience of mistrust can shared living become a lived reality?

Disconnected in the Age of Digital Communication

The incidences of everyday life can teach us to rethink the domains of living that we tend to take for granted. The author talks about the lack of human to human communications despite social media.

Women Find Themselves amidst the MeToo Movement

GENDER  The momentum that the #MeToo struggle has gathered is a positive indicator for women’s emancipation. The story takes into account the lived realities of ordinary women and tells of the significance of the movement.

BOOK REVIEW : The Flavours of Nationalism

BOOK REVIEW Nandita Haksar, The Flavours of Nationalism, Speaking Tiger, New Delhi, 2018,pp: 248

WEEKLY DEBATE RESPONSE : Does Fairness Obsession Amount to a New Kind of Racism?

WEEKLY DEBATE RESPONSE The last week The New Leam generated a debate ‘Does Fairness Obsession Amount to a New Kind of Racism’, where the motive was to get our readers to discuss and debate matters of collective concern such as gender, culture,media, politics or themes from other fields.

The Art of Teaching and the Creativity of the Teacher

EDUCATION Teaching as a vocation requires us to grow and learn throughout. Children can benefit from a pedagogue when she is introspective and eager for her vocation. Shehnaz

The Pursuit of Dignity is Critical to Meaningful Pedagogy

Just like adults, children too have a very strong sense of self-dignity. Our education machinery and the process of classroom transactions may often lead to a situation where the learner’s dignity is compromised upon. The article that follows argues that respecting and giving voice to the learner’s sense of dignity should be a critical priority of meaningful education.

A Creative Outlook at the Issue of Remaining Absent from the Classroom in Schools

FROM THE FIELD The task of arousing interest in learning in the mind of the young student rests on the teacher. Creativity and imagination equip the teacher to invite little minds in the celebration of knowledge. Shehnaz

Alarming Illiteracy Rates in India: Accountability and Action

74% of the Indian population is illiterate. No government lead policy will bear any fruit unless this important challenge is duly addressed. Are we prepared to make this our national priority?