Sunday, September 27, 2020
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    Teachers’ Day Special / Inviting Articles on ‘Education for Peace,Dialogue and Justice’

    True teachers act as catalysts and help us delve deep into the ocean of possibilities within and extract the precious pearls of potential that...

    We the Teachers at the Time of Pandemic

    At this moment when the taken-for-granted world has crumbled, is the role of the teacher confined only to ‘online teaching’?

    A Glass Prison for Teachers: The Hardships and Difficulties that Paint an Indian Teacher’s Life

    The following article looks at the difficulties and the hardships that the teachers of Sheo, Rajasthan face on a day to day basis. This is reflexive of the greater issues that Indian teachers in remote areas have to go through.

    Contractual Teachers on Indefinite Strike in Bihar Ask For Equal Pay and Permanent Employability 

    4.5 lakh contractual school teachers have been on a strike since February 17 across various districts of Bihar. Will the government listen to them?

    Teachers as Emancipators: For a Feasible Utopia

    Is it possible to strive for a truly life-affirming education when the ‘system’ seeks to annihilate all utopias?

    Masked Men Attack Students and Teachers at JNU

    Massive violence has broken out inside the JNU campus, students and teachers have been brutally attacked by goons wearing masks.

    CAA Protest Updates | Jamia Milia Islamia Teachers Union Holds Candle Light Vigil at India Gate

    CAA Protest | Jamia Milia Islamia teachers and students hold candle light vigil at India Gate.

    DU Teachers Protest Job Loss, Demand Absorption

    DU Ad-hoc teachers demand absorption into faculty and raise issues surrounding job security.

    Can the Government Afford to Ignore Bihar’s Protesting School Teachers?

    A protest by school teachers of Bihar for equal pay scales at Jantar Mantar, points to a looming education crisis.

    As JNU Teachers, Our Indifference Can Prove to Be Fatal

    In the age of collective indifference and fear, is it possible for the JNU teaching community to come together, and resist the tyranny of the 'competent authority'?