Wednesday, November 25, 2020
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    An Urge to Vote out Hate Politics: 200 Eminent Writers Sign Joint Appeal in India

    More than 200 writers have appealed to the citizens of the nation to vote out hate politics in the General Elections.

    Dalit Literature Festival: A Space for the Assertion of India’s Marginalised Writers

    We witness many corporate organised literature festivals but the Capital’s first ever Dalit Literature Festival highlighted the issues and challenges faced by India’s marginalised Dalit writers.

    Will the Man Booker Prize Drop American Writers?

    The Man Booker Prize now includes writers from a greater geographical affiliation. This expansion has been both appreciated and condemned by publishers and authors across the globe.

    CONVERSATION | “Great literature is one of the most helpful resources to discover the spectrum of desire, love and friendship,” says Ruth Vanita 

    In a conversation with The New Leam, Dr. Ruth Vanita reflects on issues like sexuality, identity and body politics. And her engagement with issues in feminism throws new light on critical issues of gender that define our times. 

    Chhalaang:A Film Which Jumps Over the Very Issues it Should Have Dealt With

    Although it is a film which has possibilities, Chhalaang deals inadequately with the very issues it ought to have focussed on.

    India’s plan to pay journal subscription fees for all its citizen may end up making science harder to access

    India, the world’s second-most populous country, is planning to make scholarly literature available for everyone under its latest science, technology and innovation policy. The policy...

    What are the Benefits of Learning as a Parent?

    An educated and learned set of parents is an asset to children as it forms the premise for a well-rounded, holistic and meaningful growing up process.

    How women and the moon intertwine in literature

    In the late 17th century, the female English playwright Aphra Behn wrote a smash hit play about a man obsessed with the moon, who...

    Interview | “The idea of India being projected today, is based on exclusion of minorities,Dalits and tribals”, Says Sohail Hashmi

    In this engaging conversation with The New Leam, Sohail Hashmi talks about the early influences in his life and his growing up years, the important moments in his life trajectory, his commitment and love for creativity and his ideas on culture, politics and life in contemporary times.

    Patal Lok: A Series Unveiling the Dark Underworld & a Malfunctioning Bureaucratic Machinery

    Patal Lok throws light on high-profile crime while taking us to the dark realm of the underworld.

    Rabindranath Tagore on the Import of Our Encounters with Art

    Here is an extremely engaging and thought provoking piece on the poet’s reflections on art and the unfolding of inner potential.

    Edwin Morgan: remembering Scotland’s first poet laureate at 100

    Morgan travelled widely – to Africa and the Middle East during the second world war, to Russia and Eastern Europe during the Cold War, to the US, New Zealand and the North Pole. These are the places he writes of in his poetry.