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    Editorial January 2017

    It was  December 4, 2014 when the first issue of The New Leam was launched. There was no grand strategy and no big money,...

    The Light of Awakening

    On the occasion of the birth anniversary of Sri Aurobindo. Here is a small note written by the editorial team. The aim is to invite the readers to the world of Sri Aurobindo—particularly, the insights with which he sought to change our perceptions of education.

    The Other Side of Discipline

    In this brief note the editorial team has tried to indicate Foucault’s insights into the practice of school education.

    Triple Talaq and the Irony of our Times: Beyond Secular Rhetoric and Communal Politics

    August 22nd 2017, as it is said, was a day of immense significance. The Supreme Court gave the much awaited judgement and made instant Triple Talaq unconstitutional. In a heterogeneous country like ours with a history of complex relationships between two major religious communities, the judgement has provoked multiple reactions- emotive, political, gross and subtle. We feel that the issue needs to be seen with greater depth and clarity which more often than not television channels or even mainstream newspapers tend to miss. It is in this context that The New Leam editorial team has chosen to throw light on four central issues relating to judgement on Triple Talaq and its socio-political context.

    Jamia is Right in Cancelling the Fashion Show

    COMMENTARY / In this sharp note, we have questioned the idea of organizing the fashion show at a university.

    Build a University at Disputed Babri Site, says Manish Sisodia

    REPORTAGE The solution that Manish Sisodia gave comes at a time when political mobilization and communal sentiments are at their peaks.

    In a Challenge to the Modi Government Thousands of Farmers Walk to the Parliament

    POLITICS The nation-state is jolted and compelled to rethink itself when thousands of ordinary farmers joined by students, teachers, activists and doctors walk together to claim their rights.

    Real Estate Fantasy Amid Normalization of Violence 

    THE NEW LEAM VIEWPOINT A penetrating look at morning newspapers makes you feel the paradoxes of our times. Yet, another lynching...

    The Untold Tale behind Hima Das’s Gold

    INSPIRING | The story of Hima Das is inspirational as it reminds us of the immense possibilities that are undiscovered in India’s remote villages.

    Children as Young as Three Compelled to Appear Before Immigration Courts in US

    A parent who is an illegal immigrant to the US is arrested under Donald Trump’s ‘Zero Tolerance’ Policy while children who cannot be detained in adult jails face separation from their parents. Several such children are compelled to represent themselves in front of immigration courts.

    Educator Ambani, Samsung Mobile and Our Progress 

    Educator Ambani, Samsung Mobile and Our Progress 

    From Maoism to Foreign Education

    THE NEW LEAM VIEWPOINT | What distinguishes The New Leam is its constant effort to see the deeper layers of social structure and collective consciousness in the rapid flow of news and events.