Saturday, December 4, 2021
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kavya Thomas

The Perils of Being Republic

REPUBLIC DAY SPECIAL The 69th Republic Day is here and now is the ripe moment to think of the trajectory of the nation. With success and contradiction, achievement and challenges, India is unfolding its unique tale. Let us revisit, let us contemplate and think of this nation that we call ours. Kavya Thomas

The National Anthem: an Option before Theatres

NATIONAL ANTHEM | The playing of the national anthem in cinema halls has now become optional after severe vigilantism and chaos over the matter in the last couple of months. What does a decision of such a nature imply and are we prepared to think beyond the symbols of nationhood? Kavya Thomas

Bidding Adieu to the Legendary Shashi Kapoor

In the 1981 classic Silsila one of the most famous dialogues delivered by Shashi Kapoor ‘ Hum gayab hone waalo mein se nahi hai… jahan jahan se guzarte hain jalwe dikhate hain’ resonates in our minds as we bid farewell to one of Hindi cinema’s most legendary actors. Kavya Thomas

Walking through the Lanes of Nostalgia

VISUAL ANTHROPOLOGY The Daryaganj Sunday book market in Old Delhi is one where all book lovers should go. It is a market that stretches along the long footpath alongside the main road and boasts of books of all varieties from- medical and engineering guide books and sample papers, dictionaries, story and drawing books for children, travel and cookery books to fiction and non-fiction titles for all generations. Kavya Thomas and Kabir

Shortage of Teachers in Government Schools in Delhi despite Vacancies

An adequate student-teacher ratio is the cornerstone of quality teaching-learning process and without the appointment of a sufficient number of teachers in place education is bound to suffer. Will the insufficient recruitment of teachers be immediately addressed or will our government schools continue to suffer? Kavya Thomas

Discomforting Dissent: Why Juli Briskman’s Finger hid more than it Spoke

A woman named Juli Briskman showed a finger to Donald Trump as his motorcade passed by her on a road while she was cycling. The woman’s photograph has gone viral and she has become a social media sensation but ironically for her she has lost her job and has been condemned for the disrespectful act. It is at this juncture that we must ask whether the nation-states’ discomfort with dissent will lead us anywhere or if we should see people’s discontent and dissent as catalysts for the building of a strong and vibrant democracy? Kavya Thomas

Your Five Long Reads While in Quarantine

Here are five reads that The New Leam has choosen for you this quarantine. Happy Reading!

Hindi News Channels Give Modi-Shah More Airtime than Other Political Opponents

BARC recently released a report whose contention was that PM Modi and the BJP were given significantly more screen time on television compared to their political Opponents.

Cyclone Fani: Mamta Banerjee Refuses to Hold Meeting with PM Narendra Modi

CYCLONE FANI / Prime Minister Narendra Modi took an aerial tour of cyclone affected Odisha and praised CM Navin Patnaik’s efforts while West Bengal CM Mamta Banerjee refused to hold a meeting with him to review the damage caused by cyclone Fani.

Supreme Court Announces Rs 50 Lakh Compensation for Bilkis Banu

GUJARAT/After a prolonged period of wait, the Supreme Court has finally ordered a monetary compensation for Bilkis Banu.

Is Shehla Rashid Falling for Identity Politics: The Hijab isn’t a Neutral Affair, after all

COMMENTARY / Shehla Rashid’s decision of adorning a Hijab at Shah Faesal’s party launch reminds us of identity politics and the vulnerability of sartorial preferences, in our times.

Bangladesh, Digital Censorship and the Denial of Journalistic Space

BANGLADESH / The censorship over internet and denial of press freedom are challenges that journalists and concerned citizens face in Bangladesh.