Thursday, June 30, 2022
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Stop Recycling the Rhetoric

Mindless consumption patterns and the lack of recycling mechanisms have made our developmental models unsustainable in the long run. How can we revive the culture of recycling beyond the popular rhetoric? Mayank Singh

 Developing Countries and Environmental Crisis

ENVIRONMENT Developing nations face issues while attempting to build a balance between development and environmental sustainability. Social awakening and political participation could offer alternatives.

Antarctic Ice Melts Leading to Global Climate Crisis

Ecological issues are immensely challenging in our world. The rise in global temperatures has led to large scale melting of ice in Antarctica leading to environmental crisis.

Devastating Impact of Plastic and Looking for Sustainable Alternatives

The use of plastic bags has adverse impacts on the ecosystem and in the long run will prove damaging to life on earth at an unprecedented scale. Are we prepared to take the important leap towards sustainable alternatives?

‘Delhi Declaration’ at desertification summit: So near yet so far

Experts highlighted that the declaration diluted the importance of the rights of indigenous communities and women over land.