Tuesday, January 26, 2021
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    Ideas and Innovation Transform Mysuru Government School

    Teachers from a remote school in Haropura, Mysuru have taken the initiative to transform the school building into a train like structure attracting students like a magnet and thus resolving the problem of dropouts.

    Rethinking the Pedagogic Possibility- Mathematics Teaching can be Enriching

    PEDAGOGIC INNOVATION Mathematics can be seen in a new light and made into a subject that can make the child culturally-aesthetically sensitive, a creative teacher shares her pedagogic interventions. Dr. Agnes D’Costa

    Discovering Literature as an Important Pedagogic Tool in the Classroom

    Literature and storytelling are part of teaching methodologies that touch the core being of the learner making the process of education fulfilling and learning eternal. They play an important role in the inculcation of the love of learning; instil values of mutual love and cooperation and above all leave an impact that is cherishable throughout life. The piece explores the tremendous potential of the method.

    Book Review | The Reflective Learner: Seeing ‘Missed Takes’ in Mistakes

    An engaging compilation of distinct pedagogic efforts towards revisiting ‘mistakes’ and redefining them as stepping stones for growth and betterment.

    Destroying Minds, Destroying Creativity

    Even if we feel proud of our 'publications' and 'expertise', the fact is that the prevalent practice of higher education has destroyed our creativity and life-affirming energy.

    Labelling Theory and the Classrooms

    The classroom is like a second home for the child. Each and every child requires to be nurtured with unadulterated care and love to be able to realize her complete potential.

    Inclusive Mathematics Education – A reality or a distant dream?

    For many students Mathematics is a subject to be feared but will a constructive and sensitive approach to the discipline help make the discipline suitable to the needs of various students?

    Performing Arts in Creative Pedagogy

    The evolution of pedagogy and the constant process of reinventing oneself to meet the challenges of a holistic education are central concerns of every pedagogue. It is in this context that the performing arts play such an important role, let us explore how.

    Mending a broken relationship: Education and Ecology By Deborah

    PEDAGOGIC INNOVATION   Mending a broken relationship: Education and Ecology It is important that education must impart a philosophy of existence. This would require a transformation...

    Autonomous and Natural Learning Model – By Pramod Maithil

      PEDAGOGIC INNOVATION : Tinkering Lab is an innovative experiment that trusts the creativity of the child and believes in experiential learning. Here is an account that reveals...

    The Wonder of Learning by Experiencing by Radha Gopalan

    PEDAGOGIC INNOVATION          The Wonder of Learning by Experiencing A meaningful educational process is one that tries to bridge the gap between...

    Gender is in Our Minds, Change is in Our Hands By Ananya Pathak

                                   Gender is in Our Minds, Change is in Our Hands Can we establish gender equality only with legislations, or do we need to rethink...