Tuesday, July 27, 2021
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    Catching Up With Young Akhila: A Fearless Woman Sarpanch Who Transformed Her Village in Telangana

    This is the story of Akhila, a young sarpanch from Telangana who has transformed her village with her fearlessness, commitment and dedication. Her story is a reminder for the need to strengthen people’s democracy and institutions at the grassroots.

    What Do You Do, If Your Prime Minister Loses the Grace of the Position He Holds?

    What do you do, if your Prime Minister loses the grace of the position he holds, and the language he speaks becomes terribly toxic, vulgar and indecent?

    Jet Airways Employees: Do You Realize Our Shared Destiny?

    COMMENTARY / " Before joining my husband at the protest, I was at AIIMS where my mother is battling cancer. The government will keep our hope alive till polls and then the company will be shut. Whatever is being said is an eyewash."

    My Buddha, My Moment of Awakening

    In this reflexive piece the author has invoked Gautam Buddha, and reflected on the moment of awakening.

    Netherlands Has Defeated India in the Hockey World Cup. So What?

    Hockey | Here is a perceptive essay that examines how market and nationalism distort our ways of seeing games and sports.

    An Insensitive State and the Political Radicalism of the Intelligentsia 

    VIEWPOINT | In this brief note, the author has argued that the constant attack on the dissenters and the spirit of critical intellectual tradition is reminding us of an authoritarian regime. 

    Violence Doesn’t End Even on the Day of Mourning

    SOCIETY | In this revealing note the author has sought to identify the reasons for the normalization of violence and intolerance in our political culture. Uttam 

    The Madness of being a Wanderer

    In this creative piece, the author has reflected on ways of seeing as he moves around the city.

    What do these powerful people do?

    In this brief reflection the author has debunked the routinized practice of celebrating power.

    Seeing beyond Ram Rahim: diverse manifestations of religiosity in these turbulent times

    In this analytical article the author has gone deeper into the dynamics of the prevailing social forces and tied to understand the religious phenomenon.

    Hang me, I have not changed :The tales of pain, social neurosis and loss of education

    In this reflexive piece Uttam—a theatre activist situated in West Bengal—reflects on his hometown, the ugly changes it is passing through, and its devastating...


    SAY ‘NO’ TO “SMART CITIES”  Here is a reflexive piece that interrogates the idea of ‘smart’ cities, and pleads for the recovery of the...