Aishwarya Bhuta

Aishwarya Bhuta is a student of MA in Development and Labour Studies at Jawaharlal Nehru University.

Studentship, Bureaucratic Restrictions and Freedom in the University

Freedom – a precious gift, but also a heavy responsibility. Such is its lightness that...

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Restoring Faith in Democratic and Peaceful Resistance: The Time to Rethink the Left

After a presidential debate that continued till the early hours of the next morning, all...

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Decadence of Studentship and the Need to Rethink Our Classrooms

A class of over hundred, attended by barely thirty. Of those, a few using their phones;...

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This Election Season at JNU, Lets Vote to Save Our University

This September 6th, JNU is going for the Student Union polls. Naturally, the campus is...

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An Open Letter to My Fellow Students at JNU

Dear friends, comrades, and fellow students, We are living in dark and troubled times....

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