Anirban Pathak

Prof.Anirban Pathak is a theoretical physicist. At present he is a professor of Physics at JIIT, Noida. He is actively involved in teaching and research related to several aspects of quantum physics and science popularization activities. He is a recipient of 2017 Shri O. P. Bhasin Award  in the field of Electronics and Information Technology.

A Physical Classroom or a Virtual One: A Pedagogues’s Dilemma Amid the Lockdown

A few years back, an internationally renowned researcher told me, “Now-a-days, I...

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Mapping Possible Solutions to the COVID-19 Pandemic: The Urgency of an Interdisciplinary Approach

I am not an economist and I know very less about virology or epidemiology. So my views on...

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On Chandrayaan 2 and the Rumours, Comments and Politicisation of the Scientific Mission

Over the last couple of weeks so much has already been written and said about the...

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Do We Really Need to Walk for Science?

I am aware of the fact that on August 9th in many parts of India, the ‘March for...

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