Dev Nath Pathak

Dev Nath Pathak teaches sociology at South Asian University and has been   working on the   dramatic performance of cultural politics in South Asia, New Delhi. Follow Dev Nath Pathak

Rediscovering the Spirit of Bihar: the Hope called Kanhaiya Kumar

This is unlike the regional jingoism that Nitish Babu had spun. The rhetoric of ‘Naya...

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All we want is War; all we need is the Media

It was evident that everyone loves a war, hysteria for war, and an uncontrollable...

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Everything that goes behind the Creation of a University’s Academic Culture

VIEWPOINT We live in times where the onslaught on universities has compelled us to...

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A Cathartic Fake-ness and The Void of Meaningful Roles

VIEWPOINT We are closer to a catharsis of fake-ness. What roles are these models...

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