Vagish Jha

Vagish Jha is a historian and educationist -  based in Delhi. Follow  him on Twitter @vagishkj

A Hilarious Online Class Amid the Lockdown and the Hoax that Classrooms Can be Virtually Replaced

"Mamaji, there is no electricity in our home for sometime and it is not going to come...

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The Answer is Blowing in the Wind

Suddenly she burst out in anger. We had no clue what had happened. Training to be a...

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An Insult is Often the Biggest Source of Entertainment

You have a habit of getting into trouble’, Dhiru was very categorical in his...

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Coming Home to a ‘Cold’ Village Life: Returning Back in Times of Corona

This is just not true. Everyone whom I told this story, said to me. But why should I try...

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Won’t Coronavirus Find Us Again?

I want to make a confession today.This confession is going to be stark and naked. It may...

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There is No Wealth Greater than Life Itself: A Lesson from the Coronavirus Lockdown 

I just can’t believe it. Nor can you. But you can’t not feel happy about the story I...

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