From early morning till late evening life is making us run, from running to catch the metro to office to running behind the bureaucrat for hours to get your passport renewed to running behind the plumber to get a leaking pipe fixed and then running for the sake of good health in the evening!

We seem to be running all the time having little or no time in hand to think what we are running towards after all?
Life seems to be constantly pulling us in different directions making itself a hectic race, stressful and tiresome. So is there a way out?
Welcome to the “coffee adda”, it’s a place that you’ve been waiting for and it’s waiting for you!
Coffee adda is a platform where we meet to collectively witness and actively participate in discussions, photo exhibitions, music performances and a host of other such creative efforts over cups of coffee and snacks. It’s a place that is designed for the best in us to come out before the rest, it’s all about giving new meaning to every meeting.