Creative Learning Program

The New Leam is a small group consisting of university scholars and researchers. It works with schoolchildren, conducts workshops, and seeks to arouse their creative potential. Each workshop continues for ten consecutive days—two hours every day. We do not repeat what schools do; nor is it a private tuition class. Instead, after a thorough research we evolve creative pedagogic tools, activities and art forms, engage with the children, try to create a relaxed ambiance, and seek to transform them—from passive consumers of bookish knowledge and information to active and enthusiastic participants in the learning process. We aim at sharpening their artistic, cultural, scientific and mathematical sensibilities.

Humanities Sensitization Workshop 2017

This is to notify that the registration for the new batch (Class XI & XII) for the ‘Humanities Sensitization Workshop’ has already begun.

To register yourself please contact: thenewleam@gmail.com or call us at 8285607309, 8285325963